5 ways to win a centurion slot

Slot machines a strong lead in the list especially http://onlinecasinopolis.net/real-money-slots/centurion slot of the most popular casino games. Video slots are bypassed by this indicator roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps and other gambling entertainment. They attract the largest number of visitors in the brick and mortar casinos and online portals.

The best proof of the incredible popularity of devices are hundreds of new models, which each month will present the developers of software for gambling.

We have prepared 5 ways to win a centurion slot . They will avoid stupid mistakes, will not let you become a victim of fraud and help to achieve maximum results.

Rule 1: Play only licensed slots famous brands.

Is it worth trying to beat the cheater? In our opinion, no need to even try. Our own peril.

If you are not sure that the casino offers licensed slot machines, look for another institution. You do not defeat the thieves, as will be forced to play by their rules.

Software developer has no control over the work of the fake slots. It can not guarantee that the random number generator operates properly.

In the end, you can simply “throw”, and you will not get justice in any court.

Rule 2: Choose slot machines with the highest return

in the video slots laid a certain level of theoretical return (RTP - Return to Player). Most often his figure is within the 95% – 97%, although there are models with higher or lower rates.

These numbers indicate how much of the total bets slot machine allocated to the payments. The remaining percentage of casino revenue.

However, these 97% do not mean that in the course of a single session, you’re bound to lose 3% of their bets. In this case, the gameplay would have no meaning.

Naturally, the higher the figure, the better for users in general. Therefore, you should give preference to models with a high level of return.

Rule 3: Consider dispersion video slot

Under dispersion (along with “volatile” and “variability”) is meant the deviation in gambling video slot from the expectation that is expressed in theoretical return.

Simply put, vysokodispersionnye slot machines pay is rare, but give hope for a large payment. Devices with low volatility accrue payments in almost every spin, but the winnings often exceed the rate.

Getting acquainted with the new model, always pay attention to and take into account the variability of this figure, choosing a betting range.

For example, if you immediately start to bet a tenth of your bankroll on the machine with a high variance, you run the risk of quickly losing all the money. In such games are not uncommon prolonged “black bars”, preceding a major benefit. Be prepared to wait several unsuccessful rounds.

Rule 4: Do not exaggerate the effectiveness of betting systems

There are many strategies and algorithms rates to help to win at slots. But do not amuse ourselves with illusions.

The spins are not related to each other. It makes no sense to make a decision, relying on the results of previous rounds.

Rule 5: learn the rules of the lottery jackpots

Cumulative jackpots – this is the main “trick” of many super popular slot machines. They reach enormous sizes, which makes users at least occasionally to put a couple of dollars in the hope of success.

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5 ways to win a centurion slot
5 ways to win a centurion slot and other facts about gambling online!

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