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pain india education training hyderabadDATE: 12-3-2013

VENUE: Academy hall, Yashoda hospital Secunderabad

Yashoda Academy of Pain Medicine (YAPM) in association with the Department of Anaesthesiology conducted EPM-Lite for postgraduates in anaesthesia, oncology and psychiatry working in this institute. The YAPM, since its inception in 2011, has been involved in teaching postgraduates, registrars and consultants about the importance of pain management, and the evolution of pain as a distinct speciality.

As part of this continuing endeavour we conducted the EPM LITE, a more structured and planned method of teaching pain management for medical graduates and allied health staff. It was a half day, post-lunch session. The delicious lunch was followed by a much more delicious teaching in pain management. There were 32 registrations in total. The event was kick-started by a welcome address by the founder director of YAPM. The pre-test was followed by an introduction to EPM- Lite, which was a brief overview of what was planned for the afternoon.

The programme was very interactive with the delegates eager to learn more. The faculty too were enthusiastic in answering their questions and clearing away the doubts. The interactive sessions were followed by a break, after which the delegates gathered together for the much awaited group discussions. There were four groups of eight each, which discussed acute pain, chronic pain, cancer pain and neuropathic pain. The group discussions were of thirty minutes each and quite extensive, given the pre-existing knowledge of the post-graduates. The concepts which appeared a bit abstract during the interactive lectures were given a concrete shape during these discussions.

They were, in the end, a bunch of happy and satisfied post-graduates. The post-test, which followed, showed a remarkable increase in understanding of pain and its management. We were thankful to the faculty who had travelled across Hyderabad to teach our post-graduates. The closing remarks were followed by a group photograph. We collected the feedback forms in the end which, on a preliminary analysis, showed much enthusiasm for learning. Encouraged by the response, the YAPM has planned many such events in the future to benefit our doctors and allied health staff.

Dr. Dara Sudheer

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MD | Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine, Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad

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