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The 2nd Bangalore Interventional Pain Course (BIPCO) is held under the aegis of the Karnataka State Chapter of Indian Society for Study of Pain at M.S. Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center (MSRALC) on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2014.


muralidhar thondebhaviWe catch up with Dr. Muralidhar Thondebhavi who has organized the workshop.

Could you tell us about the highlights of the workshop?

Many things. To mention a few

  • The advanced learning cadaveric lab at MSRALC is one of its kind in South East Asia. It features an air-conditioned lab with facility to have 10 fully functional operating table facilities. This dedicated bio-skills lab also houses an excellent lecture theatre and simulation centre. The cadavers are frozen and thawed overnight before the course day to simulate the feel of real skin and tissue texture.
  • Majority of the faculty have trained overseas (UK, Australia, USA, and Singapore) in structured training programs for Pain Medicine. They hold various qualifications such as FIPP, FFPMRCA, FFPMCAI and FFPMANZCA. They all serve in major corporate hospitals in India. Not only that, they are experienced teachers at national level workshops and courses.
  • Fluoroscopy-guided injections would be taught, in addition, ultrasound-based injection techniques would be taught in two dedicated stations.
  • This apart, we teach both basic as well as advanced skills.

What are the basic skills that one could come to expect of it?

The basic procedures taught are lumbar transforaminal epidural, caudal epidural, lumbar medial branch block and radiofrequency lesioning, sacro-iliac joint injection, lumbar sympathetic block, piriformis injection, stellate ganglion block, brachial plexus, suprascapular nerve, intercostal nerve block and truncal blocks.

And the advanced skills?

The advanced procedures taught include cervical epidural, cervical medial branch block block/ radiofrequency, coeliac plexus block, splanchnic nerve block, superior hypogastric plexus block, ganglion impar block, trigeminal ganglion block, dorsal column stimulator lead placement, and ultrasound lumbar spine imaging

BIPCO has gained a reputation for being interactive as well as informative.

Glad you said that.

We have an email group which was created for the candidates and is well supported by the faculty to answer their questions. Through this group we also provide regular updates from the world of pain. Reading material prior to the workshop is provided via cloud based technology.

There is one faculty member for every four participant, so there are plenty of informal opportunities to share practice tips. The limited number of delegates guarantees adequate opportunity for everyone to practice the blocks which they have learnt.

Karnataka has been pretty active with pain education and awareness programmes…

That’s true.

We conduct the Karnataka Pain Awareness Program – a pain awareness drive. This is conducted for doctors of all specialties in various parts of the state and covers the spectrum of pain management as a one-day CME. Coming back to BIPCO itself, the idea germinated last year to fulfill the unmet need for quality workshops in interventional pain medicine.

We had a very positive feedback from the delegates who attended BIPCO last year. As these are personalised workshops done in small groups, we decided to have it twice-a-year for the benefit of more physicians who are interested in the art and science of pain.

Thank you

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Dr. Palanisamy Vijayanand

Post author

FCARCSI, DPainMed (RCSI), MSc (Pain), FFPMCAI, FFPMANZCA | Hyderabad, India

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  1. Posted by Venkatesh Nevagi Reply

    Wishing u n ur team all da very best !

  2. muralidhar joshi
    Posted by muralidhar joshi Reply

    Last year, it was a very well conducted. We wish them all the success this time also.


    I have attended BIPCO2013.It has minimum time for theory lectures and maximum time for hands on training.
    Very important for freshers to gain interest in pain speciality.

  4. Posted by Dr . Raghavendra R Reply

    Thank you all for the support last year. We would try our level best to improve on the feedbacks given by delegates last year. Would try to make it more interactive this year. Thank you all

  5. Posted by Dr Kamal Fotedar Reply

    I attended the BIPCO 1st workshop in 2013. It was superb in content and a very interactive and an excellent performing faculty.
    I gained a deep, fruitful, fulfilling insight in this conference.
    Wishing Dr Thondabhave , success in this too.

  6. Posted by Dr.uma.G Reply

    I attended 1st BIPCO workshop.wonderful hands on training,good oppurtunity to learn correct techniques.real teaching,gidance giving faculty.all the best for the 2nd BIPCO

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