To practice Pain Medicine is to stand at the intersection of science and humanities. Our medical training rarely focuses on pain; leave alone the psychological and societal impact of it. Managing pain well, however, calls forth the human instincts for fairness and empathy in the face of suffering.

The objectives of Traveling Pain School are:

  • To educate healthcare professionals on the basic science and clinical aspects of pain management.
  • To create awareness of the benefits of effective management of pain among healthcare professionals.
  • To increase the number of health professionals in the state with special interest in the science and treatment of pain.


  • To act as a catalyst for bringing together healthcare professionals who otherwise may have done their work in the margins of the discipline.
  • To create a supportive network by providing a forum to exchange ideas, and validate each others’ findings and experiences in managing pain.
  • The increase in awareness of best practices to hopefully blossom into regional centers for pain service and research.