Games to Ejoy Online Travelling in Summer

There are thousands of online casino games in existence to play in Travelingpainschool. This number is on a constant rise because there are new games introduced every month. The gaming providers, which include; Microgaming, IGT, BetEnt, Bensoft among many others are working to constantly improve the experience every new game offers. Since the slots are new, there are options of either playing for free or with real money. The great thing about playing for free is that you can try out the game and if you like it, then put up some money and play for real money.

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Just like all the games that are already in existence, new slots are usually based on various themes. From Greek mythology to safaris in Africa, the stories are a constant thrill. What’s more is that the new slots are produced with better graphics, better sound effects, clearer visual effects which all go into making your experience while as realistic as possible. The new slots are designed to include more modern features like the stacked wild and multi-way wins. The slots also include progressive jackpot whose amount keeps increasing as you play.

Amazing new slots that you must play this year

Even with the many slots coming up every so often, a few are worth mentioning because of their unique themes their interesting features and their bonus amounts.that are quite handsome. These slots will keep you well-entertained as you unwind and their uniqueness.

1. When Pigs Fly

Pigs don’t fly. Perhaps that makes this an interesting slot because contrary to the norm, the pigs on this game are flying. Matter of factly, some are in astronaut suits which indicates that they are going to space, away from Earth.

    • When Pigs Fly is a video slot with 5 reels and 3,125 paylines.
    • This slot is a product of NetEnt and has features that include an autoplay button, free spins, respin and wild symbols.
    • The graphics, sound and theme are quite amazing. The objective of this slot is to find matching symbol starting from the leftmost reel.

Unlike the regular grid that would be a 5×3, the grid for this slot is designed like a cross with one row on the first and fifth reel. The second and 4th reels have 3 rows each while reel 3 has 5 rows.The setup changes every time you hit the respin and you may eventually end up with a 5×5 grid. These dynamics are why the game has 3,125 possible ways to win. There are five respin features given for this game. The respins not only change the shape of the reel but also trigger two new symbols each time.

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Getting a winning combination on the 5th respin wins you 8 free spins that are set up by a pig on the screen. The pig, who is lying down will move to the screen and set up the 8 free spins for you. This game contains 10 different levels with each level requiring 50 coins in order to play. The spin and autoplay buttons are at the bottom of the screen.

2. Castle Builder slot

This slot is unique in so many ways. Despite being a 5 reel video slot with 15 possible ways to win, the activity that goes on while you play makes all the difference. The reels are usually to the left of the game’s interface and the right is made up of three castles. The game is made up of very few symbols and those are the members of the royal family. As you play, the castles build up slowly one by one. When a castle is completed, there is a bonus of a royal wedding where you get to choose a groom for the princesses. Once the three castles are built, then there’s construction of the summer house and it goes on.

The soundtrack of this slot is a classic and it increases as you play on. The background is such a sight to behold and the buttons are made to resemble flags. The Autoplay enables the fast-play which is super fast and you’ll see your castle built in no time. The end game of this slot is in the building of the castles which is made possible by the symbols on the reels.

The minimum bet amount is 1c and you can bet up to $1 for every reel. If you get 5 locked castles, you get 20,000 while 4 give you 2000. The different symbols have different values.

These two are some of the games you really need to check out before you are left behind by the buzz that they are about to create. For games you can look forward to during the summer, there’s “The Heat is On” by Microgaming.

3. 40 Super Slot by IGT

IGT has a reputation for its superior quality games and its ability to deliver always. The 40 Super Hot is unique in that story of a burglar known as Selina. Her objective is to steal all the gold available in the bank. Selina can only be stopped by Officer Jean who is on the trail as she tries to stop Selina. The slot is told like story and has two wild symbols. The video slot has 5 reels and 45 lines of play.

2017 promises some excitement as far as slots are concerned. You definitely want to keep it here for all the updates on your slots.

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